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The following table shows some of the more commonly used hotkeys while working in Blender. Check out the brand new podcast series that makes learning easy with host Eric Martsolf. Cheat Sheet. Blender For Dummies Cheat Sheet. Common Mouse Actions in Blender Blender makes it a point to use as many buttons on your mouse as possible. Heya on January 2, AM. I like this one more because I wanna save ink on my printer.

Transitioning to Blender 2.8

I mean some of the shortcuts doesn't work Reply. Inkubo on January 2, PM. Inkubo on January 3, PM. User1 on January 5, PM. What if you don't remember even one shortcut, can you still use blender? Receive our daily news roundup via email.

25 Basic Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

On the toolbar specifically, you can click and drag on the right side of it, to hide or show the tools' text labels. In the Settings, you can instead set the Spacebar to bring up the search function, as in 2. The default Search hotkey is F3. Weirdly, in 2. The Tool Options for sculpting and texturing brushes, which used to live in the 2.

It has a new tab in the icon list, the Tool tab, and the tool options will be there. The Properties Editor's tabs are now arranged vertically down the side, rather than horizontally across the top. This eliminates the weird MMB-drag horizontal scrolling object in the otherwise all-vertical window, so it makes logical sense, but it might still take some getting used to.

The tabs are in basically the same order, although there are a couple of new tabs. Output settings have been removed from the Render tab and now have their own Output tab, which is just under the Render tab in the tab icon list.

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When you start to use an operator, the appropriate floating Operator Panel - the one you used to have to call up by tapping F6 - now appears in the viewport automatically. There is no docked panel in the Toolbar anymore. All pie menus have this gesture-like functionality, by the way! This also includes holding Alt and click-dragging over an adjacent editor to swap the two editors. Right-clicking between windows still gives you the split and join options as before. Under the hood it is different; but the devs have fixed things so that now turning it on functions visually the same way it did in 2.

You can adjust things like edge brightness or transparency in the display settings on the header bar. Toggle Wireframe mode using Shift-Z. At the very top of the screen, you will notice the Workspace tabs. This is one of my favorite new features of 2. They replace and improve upon the little-known Layouts function from 2.

Workspaces are pre-defined screen layouts tailored for specific tasks as labeled - like Sculpting, UV Editing, Compositing, and so forth. For instance, clicking on the Sculpting workspace hides the timeline, puts your 3D viewport into Sculpt Mode, assigns a matcap to the selected object, and sets your Properties editor to the Tool Settings tab - you are instantly ready to begin sculpting without having to do anything else to your UI.

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Having these workspaces available makes it easy to switch between different kinds of work without constantly having to tweak and tug and switch UI elements as your workflow progresses; you can just switch back and forth between the different tabs as needed. The Workspace tabs are already arranged in a logically common project workflow order and are well-designed; but of course the tabs can be rearranged, renamed, deleted, or new Workspace tabs created and added as you like.

The Workspaces themselves are completely customizable, and retain things like editor modes and selected options. I personally find Workspaces extremely useful. Just select as many as you want and enter Edit Mode as normal. One important difference from behavior in 2. This should only be a problem if you're actually trying to render from local view; viewport lighting in Solid and Lookdev modes will still be there as normal.

NEW: You can change this back to a toggle with just the A key like in 2. Alt-A no longer starts and stops animation playback.

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Shift-Spacebar does that now. The Q key opens an editor-specific Favorites menu that is customizable by you. You can right-click on practically ANY button, option, even whole entire menus, in Blender and add them to your Favorites menu. Or, you can just right-click add the whole Object menu to Favorites as an expanding menu. Or, you can straight up add Object Mode itself to Favorites, if you want to.

The Favorites menu is also contextual, meaning for instance what's in your Q menu when you're in Object Mode is different from what's it in when you're in Edit Mode; and what's in it when your mouse is hovering over the Outliner instead of the 3D Viewport is different still. As mentioned above, F3 rather than Spacebar directly brings up the Search tool. While in Edit mode, the 1, 2, and 3 keys in your number row NOT the numpad will switch between vertex, edge, and face select modes.

The hotkeys for some of the Sculpting brushes may have changed. You can see all the hotkey assignments for the brushes by using Spacebar to call the tool menu while in Sculpt Mode. No more need to crowd your screen with both these editors at the same time, or keep a tiny one in a corner to drag and swap. Collections The big one. Collections is the new system in 2. Collections live in the Outliner. Like Layers they can be made visible or invisible; unlike Layers, they can also be named, rearranged, made deselectable, nested inside other Collections, and objects can belong to more than one Collection at the same time.

Organization is awesome.

The M key that formerly allowed you to Move objects to other layers, now allows you to move them to other Collections in the same way, or to create new Collections to put an object in. No need to adjust to a new hotkey there! If you open a 2. Of course you can rename the Collections as desired. It should be said here that while 2.

This means that you can open your Blender 2. Likewise, once a former 2.

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Plan accordingly if you intend to experiment with old projects! Linking and Appending works just fine; I've tried this with the Vonn Bots and had no problems. As mentioned above, Collections will be generated as necessary in place of layers. Linking or Appending something from a 2. Grease Pencil The Grease Pencil tool as it existed on 2. Addons If you haven't checked on 2.

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