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Is there a documentation for the power supply?

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Brand see all. Apple Filter Applied. I just hate to start buying parts willy -nilly for this computer when it's so old, but would if I could prove the old part to be bad. I've been waiting for the next generation of iMac before I upgrade to a new computer. Any day now right? Posted on Sep 4, AM. Page content loaded. Sep 26, PM in response to jbleeg In response to jbleeg. I have essentially the same problem. I don't have a solution, but I will post data from some of my tests, and hope someone can clue us in on whether it's the PS, logic board, or a loose chip.

I have a 20" iMac G4 1. At first, it would start not turning on when I hit the power button, but after hitting it many time it would turn on, and then stay on fine and even restart fine, but if you turned it off and left it off several hours, it would be hard to start again. Next, it shut crashed in the middle of working a few times, on hot days and would not restart until later when everything cooled off. Finally, it will not start at all. The fan comes on, the CD drive makes a noise, but no HD movement is obvious and there is no "beep".

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I looked over the power supply and only the uF 25V capacitor had a bulging top, so I replaced it. One of the bigger caps near the output has a black mark on the metal on top of it, but it looks like ink and i see no signs of bulging or a crack in the "cross" on top. Mine has lots of metal heatsinks and the blue and white wires come out of the PCB from a different spot and some of the components look different. Also, my motherboard is green whereas yours is blue. Also, on mine, I can't see how to unplug the big cable connector from the motherboard. It looks kind of like everything is soldered on.

I don't see two parts to unclip where the big black connector is. So, I tested all those voltages on the power supply PCB while it was still attached to the motherboard.

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Basically, the Hard disk drive doesn't spin up and the computer doesn't beep. Only the fan comes on and the CD make a little sound when I hit power. One more clue I just unplugged the data connector from the hard disk to the motherboard. When it is unplugged, the drive spins up, but when it is plugged back in to the motherboard, it doesn't try to spin at all.

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Sep 26, PM. Andy, I was able to revive my old Mac g4 Flat panel by replacing the power supply with a used one bought off ebay for around It fixed my problem. Your problem sounds different than mine. I was having similar sympons to yours in that I had some signs of the PS failing.

It would take several attempts to power up the computer after it had been shut off and cooled down. The fan was running a great deal and after dismanteling it, I found a good deal of dust which possibly caused poor cooling and ultimately the PS failure.

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  4. But I was getting no reaction from the computer when I pressed the on button. Not a beep, no fan, no monitor flash, Nothing. I asked a mac repair shop how they would go about fixing my problem, and they told me they would swap parts ie power supply, then mother board until they could narrow down the problem part. Do you have access to used parts anywhere? Unfortunately, these computer have long passed their useful life cycle. I was reluctant to gamble the I'm glad I did and have bought some more time until I can upgrade to a new computer.

    I keep waiting for the next gen iMac. Sep 27, AM. Where you able to resolve the issue with your Imac re " One more clue Nov 26, PM. Nov 26, PM in response to jbleeg In response to jbleeg. I never fixed it. I was able to test the power supply and it seemed okay, so I guess it was the logic board, and that seemed like too much hassel to replace It was quite disappointing.

    I also smelled burnt electronics so I'm assuming the power supply went bad. For a unit this old I assume that this is not unusual.

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