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This year's iMovie brings with it a few more visual effects and two new themes: Much like the movie trailers, the themes include templates that let you add in things like reporter and player names that pop up as onscreen overlays. The new special effects join existing effects and transitions, and offer up instant replays, flash and holds, and jump cuts at music beat markers.

This last one is one of the most fun to use, as you can create markers that match up to your background music. This only takes a few seconds to set up, and has a neat end effect. We can easily see the replay feature getting much more use, though, especially for parents who use the sports template, or people making videos of friends and family members wiping out.

When it comes time to export your masterpiece, iMovie provides a handful of new, online options that join YouTube, and MobileMe. All of these require a log-in, which then gives you service-specific options on privacy, export quality, and categorization. GarageBand GarageBand remains one of the most creative tools in the iLife suite, and the '11 version follows suit. New to this year's version are features that better teach you how to play, as well as fix any mistakes you might have made when using it as a music editor.

On the learning front, GarageBand has tweaked its lessons system to give you feedback on how well you did. If you're playing along with a song with an attached instrument, it now listens and gives you both real-time and post-song reports. Notes you miss are highlighted in red, and can be relistened to and replayed until you get it.

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The application also keeps a history of your practice sessions, and it can show you how your accuracy is coming along on any particular lesson. Apple has also expanded the number of lessons available, and it has changed how you can approach them. Instead of having a system where you play through from the basics to the advanced items, you can pick whatever lesson you want, as long as you've downloaded it from the integrated music store. There are also new lessons available for the piano, which now includes pop and classical lesson packs. These lessons are free of charge, they just take up disk space and time to download.

This is no different from the '09 version of the software, with the exception that you can now get a rating of how well you did going through it. We'd definitely like to see more celebrity lessons in the GarageBand store, though, as they bring not just instructional value, but entertainment value, too.

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  • Another neat addition to the learning aids is something called the Chord Trainer, which listens to how you're playing an attached guitar and can tell you whether you're hitting the right chords. It can run through minor and major open and barre chords, and lets you know if you hit it or not almost immediately. The chord trainer works hand-in-hand with the built-in guitar-tuning application. Using both of these in tandem, you can fairly easily learn what your fingers should be doing before moving on to the lessons section. Even if you've had lessons, though, you might have a recording with a mistake or two, which is where GarageBand '11's other new features come into play.

    Apple has introduced Flex Time and Groove Matching, both of which let you make quick corrections to the timing on your recordings. Flex Time lets you drag an element of a waveform to move it, or even extend it out. This lets you do things like change when a guitar note is strummed, or take that same strum and stretch it out. In practice this ends up working out well for notes that are reasonably spread apart, but less so for the ones that are close together. Nonetheless, GarageBand does a good job letting you make the adjustment, see how it will affect nearby notes, and letting you take a listen immediately afterward.

    This takes all the tracks and matches them up to their rhythm to whichever one you designate as the groove track. Doing this is as easy as hitting a little star icon on the far left side of any track. You can then listen to the results and go back into any of the other tracks to make adjustments with Flex Time. Together these two tools represent a remarkable addition to GarageBand's post-processing capabilities, and a new avenue for casual home musicians to take what could be a very rough recording that they may not have the time or resources to rerecord, and turn it into something that sounds quite good.

    Conclusion Though this iteration of iLife may not have the flash of some previous releases, it brings each of the updated applications closer to professional-grade software-editing tools without making them unnecessarily complicated. If you're a frequent iPhoto user who does a lot of sharing, the updated Facebook and e-mail enhancements are must-haves; with iMovie's new movie trailer feature, you can turn scattered bits of vacation footage into something truly compelling that friends and family will want to watch.

    GarageBand's updates also bring a number of pro quality features to the table, while offering people who have little to no musical training easier ways to learn how to play. The veteran producer and brainchild behind the new Netflix kids' science series says that salvation OneNote is flexible and much liked.

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    But if it doesn't work exactly like you want, you have plenty of IPhoto is absolutely useless. It won't even boot up let alone run. If you buying this suite for IPhoto, save your money and buy something that works. The other programs of this suite seem to work fine but IPhoto is a joke and not a very funny one. Fortunately I have Aperture and it works. Was this review helpful? Garage Band works very nice.

    The green screen tool works effortlessly. Supports captions. At the time of this release update 9. Cameras supported are very limited.

    iWork and iLife apps are now free for old and new Mac and iOS users

    When I purchased my MacBook Pro, I downgraded my iLife version to because of its ease of use, lack of bugs an superior editing features over the most recent version I had at the time. Since that time I have helped friends with later upgrades including For me, since the release of 06, I have not seen an improvement in editing feature or ease of use in the later versions and never bothered to upgrade.

    For 11, I have never seen an apple release so buggy. Apple support boards are overflowing with angry users particularly with iPhoto. This appears to be more common with Apple releases. Often when you just click on the already-open iPhoto icon in the dock it freezes again; one to three minutes later iPhoto appears, with all the images that were visible on screen visually corrupted. It's frustrating that a program with so many compelling new features is so buggy for so many users. With the advent of digital photography, we are collecting more and more pictures.

    I hope Apple can sort out the issues with iPhoto ' If you take the plunge and upgrade to iLife '11, make sure you have a good backup of your iPhoto library. It's in your home directory, in the Pictures folder. I was also disappointed with the limited selection of video-capable digital still cameras that iMovie directly supported. For Garage Band, it is good and works fine. However, if you aren't a musician, this upgrade will do nothing for you over previous releases.

    I'm confident many of these issues will be fixed in an update, but until then I'd advise users to hold off on upgrading, or use caution if they do. Once these upgrades are resolved, I'm willing to get iLife 11 and run and remove the 06 version of iDVD and Garage Band and iWeb to iLife while letting iPhoto and iMove run independently in 06 and Apple has also been known to inexplicably stop investing in any bug fixes.

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    The internet forums are littered with Apple's key unresolved bug fixes. As a consumer, I just wait for those fixes to be resolved before buying the software. For me, it hasn't been worth waiting for most of those fixes. For 6 months users are still waiting. I really like the new menu for iPhoto and the Full-Screen mode is a nice touch. I also enjoy editing movies so the audio controls were a much needed addition to iMovie. I still think they could have updated iDVD and iWeb, but the cheaper price is appreciated.

    Now that apple has issued a patch for iPhoto, I can wholeheartedly endorse buying the iLife '11 software suite. If you love pictures like I do or dabble in editing movies then iLife '11 adds some much needed features that will make your job a whole lot easier. Overall a great buy and definitely worth your money. Youtube now can easily Upload p, Facebook pictures can now organize albumns and tags.

    Emailing photos, a once simple process, is now absurd. You are limited to using the provided horrible templates, you have to email from within iPhoto unless you drag and drop to email, use email photo browser or set up an iPhoto service yourself. You can only email using one of your email adresses we all have many for specific purposes , iPhoto hangs while it emails you can't use iPhoto until mail is sent and it's buggy. It sends 2 photos for me - 1 full size and one smaller same issue for a friend.

    You can't determine the size of the photo you want to send. Full screen is not full screen - you get thumb nail images at the bottom of the screen, permanently, The thumb nails don't behave like the dock - disappear and reappear when the mouse pointer enters the appropriate region. Not worth the 'upgrade' - any improvements? Why make it one. Apple should make this software available on a trial basis and include a proper uninstaller. In the early days of OS X iPhoto 'upgrades' were free. Why isn't it still? If iPhoto is what you're after in the iLife upgrade I'd strongly advise against buying it.

    Don't know how else to rate iLife11 since I can't upgrade, "Upgrade can't be completed, contact Software Manufacturer". Looking at some of the reviews, this may be a good thing. I am back in the Apple Store tomorrow to get my money back! I am just surprised experiencing a software update that doesn't work coming from Apple. Hey Apple, that's why we buy your stuff because it always works! Not sure what to say hereit comes as free software on my very expensive Macs. Apple continues to reduce the effectiveness of the "adjustment" features with each new version of iPhoto.

    This basically makes the program a non-tool, useful for little more than cataloguing and storage. In earlier versions, one had the capacity to "play" with photos: It used to be possible to get really creative, in addition to correcting some very serious picture-taking flaws and mistakes. Each new iPhoto update has reduced user capacity for this, however.


    When a user closes a picture after making changes--as one would with any other document--the next time the picture is opened one would expect to find all the adjuster tabs back at their neutral positions. This was the case with the older versions, and this is what made infinite adjustments possible, ie: In previous versions it was possible to repeat this process several times until the user not the computer was satisfied.

    This is no longer the case. Every time one re-opens a photo, all of the editing tabs are in the positions in which they were left, thus limiting within a very small range user choices regarding editing and adjustments. Whoever's idea this was back in iPhoto 04 I think , it was a rotten idea back then. And it hasn't gotten any better since. My wife and I use iPhoto to store and share our photos.

    Key to this -- and to my wife's hesitant conversion from PC to Mac 4 years ago -- is ease of sharing photos via e-mail. With it, the user has no choice but to use Apple's predesigned email layouts. In these layouts, photos are small, there is limited space to add general message text and captioning is not possible.

    The workaround is dragging photos out of iPhoto and into Mail, which is completely do-able, but why not let users set a preference to use either Mail or iPhoto templates to issue email with photos included? Second, titling photos is wonky at present. The titles do not appear to have been saved upon re-opening iPhoto later.

    And the titles do not carry over into Mail via drag-and-drop. Finally, I'll point out that "full screen" is not exactly full screen. The iPhoto application expands to full screen, meaning that yes, your photo is now quite large but it also has a border around it with little menu icons and browsing thumbnails on it. If you really want to show a photo well, this detracts. Perhaps it could have been made to auto-disappear like controls do when in Slideshow mode? But iPhoto '11 is a prettier application, made to be more 'consumer attractive.

    Awesome email and facebook interfaces. Love the books and cards but would highly recommend fixing the issue with adding text to iphoto. Potential Lose of All your photos Editing tools are separated and to crop and edit you must first open up quick fixes to crop and then open advanced editing and then if you want to retouch you have to close advanced editing and go back to quick fix. This may be the reason why the new update is a bit cheaper than the previous ones. The new update installation does not take too long, so you do not have to worry about spending several hours trying to update to the latest version.

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    FirePath for Firefox. Product Details Rating: Buy File size: Mac OS X Apple Inc. Download count: Developer Name: Number of programs by Apple Inc.: Safari for Windows 3. QuickTime Player 5. Mountain lion See all 25 programs. The use of software downloaded from this site should comply with the laws in your country.

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