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Thank you that was sooo frustrating. I can confirm this works with premiere in macOS High Sierra. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Graham says:.

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    Kriti says:. But this might not be your issue If so, it sounds like when you open FG it is opening on a different virtual desktop. I've got the same problem, but it only happens when I'm running dual monitors. Doesn't happen if I'm just using the Macbook. Ultimate License Holder - Anyone can play in my games, even using the free version of Fantasy Grounds. I had the same issue with a TV plugged in as an external monitor.

    The fix for me oddly enough was to tell the mac that the monitor was on the other side of the computer.

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    In display settings, if I set the TV to be to the left of the computer I would get the flying away window. If I move it to the right and call the window back, I had no problems. Regards, Terrell. Originally Posted by dberkompas.

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    As a bonus, if you ever lose your window, it will move it back on screen for you. I have never found a easy fix, although there are a couple apps out there that help -- one is Moom, which I tried, but I have this reluctance to run other apps while in AE or FCP, which are memory hogs. Set up the best possible workspace for the project you are in, then assign a hotkey to it.

    I often need to have different workspaces for different projects, and use "Standard" when using the on-board display at a coffee shop or wherever.

    Or on Windows, right click the window's taskbar icon button? I don't know what to call it. The part of the taskbar that represents the AE window, with it's icon and name [or just icon in Win 7]. Click on 'move', then use the arrow keys to reposition the window.

    macOS: Bring Off-Screen Window Back Onto Screen

    Not so dumb, I find this a really annoying Mac "feature" in general, that you can't move the window by moving any edge of it, just the top bar, so if that is off screen, you are screwed, and sometimes different workspaces in AE just make it worse. Absolutely not a dumb question! There are no such things I had exactly the same situation and get it fairly frequently - an issue of using combinations of MacBook on it's own mostly but also onsite at various companies with various monitors as a second screen.

    How to Organize Your Mac OS X Desktop

    In my case, everything was in my saved workspace was normal except somehow the "Focus" Script UI Panel was sat half offscreen at the top.

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