Mac mini cannot connect keyboard

Your mouse or keyboard intermittently stops responding

Follow the instructions to pair your keyboard. Unplug your keyboard from the current USB port and try another one.

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If it works, you can try it in the original port again. This article explains how to quickly identify the problem and fix it as fast as possible. Read More. Then click the System Report button. Once the system report window has opened, click on USB in the Hardware section of the left sidebar.

From here, you can see what your computer is reading from your USB ports. Try plugging your keyboard into one end of this cord and the other into your computer. If you try the solutions above and none of them work, it might be time to consult staff at your local Apple store particularly if the device is under warranty. You can also try searching for your specific problem online and finding others who have solved that issue. You might also want to consider a solid keyboard alternative to the Mac keyboard. Here's how to remove dust from your keyboard and other settings to check that can fix your issue.

Why not try troubleshooting your own Mac first next time? Good luck! Have you had trouble with an Apple keyboard? How did you fix the issue? Share your experiences below!

Your email address will not be published. I have two plugged-in Apple keyboards and had issues on two different computers and this little tip Try plugging your keyboard into one end of this cord and the other into your computer". That did it! Dann Thank you for the help I was following your instructions because my keyboard ran out of battery and my 15 year old replaced them and after that it stoped working Other keys worked like esc, brightness but I could not type so in my frustration I started to research and came up with this page and Once I restarted the computer I realized I have it password protected and started to panic thinking I wasn't going to be able to even log in But apparently it just needed to be rebutted by restarting the computer and now my problem is solved But it wouldn't have for a while if I had not read your article.

Some of the keys on my Apple Magic wireless keyboard were not working. I called an Apple tech and he told me that my keyboard was most likely fried. I bought another one and the same thing was happening. I looked for an answer and found it in the above article.

Setup New Mac Mini with Wireless Keyboard

I followed the instructions and wouldn't you know it, problem fixed. I thought for sure I would have to replace the wireless Apple keyboard for my eight year old iMac. The keys on the middle row of my keyboard suddenly stopped responding to keystrokes. I was having the same problem. It start a year or so after I got a different keyboard. Then I went back to the BT apple keyboard, same thing.

Unchecking the mouse box in step four did the trick. I never had it check, so I don't know if an update changed or not, but now it all working, Thank You. I tried all of the above recommendations on my iMac and finally got my keyboard to work by plugging it into the USB hub. Fortunately I had an old Apple Pro keyboard that still works, so I was able to troubleshoot with it. Can't do any of your suggestions if I can't log on because the keyboard isn't working.

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How do you not address this? If they keyboard isn't working, I'd recommend taking it to a Genius Bar or trying another keyboard to see if it's your computer. Updated Mac to macOS Sierra Beta version and the Wireless keyboard is acting funny, Delete key ", " and all arrow keys but the up one are all not functioning, please let me know if you have experience with the new Beta version.

I don't have the OS beta yet, so I don't have any experience with it. It wouldn't surprise me if the beta was having issues with bluetooth things, though. Hi, my wireless keyboard is connected but when I go to 'set up bluetooth keyboard Also none of the keys are working. Help please D:. I haven't tried it on another computer but I have tried it on my phone. It detects the keyboard but I can't connect it since the keys aren't responding. Very strange; could be a problem with the keyboard itself. You might want to take it into a Genius Bar and see if they can help you out. It might be because of the batterries that were stuck there before due to corrosion; those were a pain to get out and I had to smack the keyboard a couple of times for it to budge.

It was working fine before that.

Mac Bluetooth Not Working? Fix

I'll check out your suggestion. Thank you. MY WIFE'S Mac Air has been scrolling slowly, while attempting to get the scroll speed adjusted she somehow managed to get the keys on the keyboard to stop working. This morning my wife was impatient with the scroll bar problem again and got the keyboard to stop working again. We again tried the above method and the keys barely work, you have to press very hard for any response. This has not been a problem until yesterday with my wife's attempt to speed up the scroll speed so I am fairly certain this is operator caused, not the Mac's. That's pretty weird.

Have you tried resetting the PRAM again? I'd recommend that.

Whoops! Reconnect Your Bluetooth Keyboard And Mac After Logging Out [OS X Tips]

Also, the fact that you have to press hard on the keys is really weird. Have you plugged the keyboard into another computer to see how it behaves there? I solved my problem by going to keyboard in system preferences and unchecking the boxes for special function.. Thanks for sharing that solution; I hadn't hear of that one before! Definitely a good one to keep in mind. Thank you! I just tried this and it worked I then plugged the USB keyboard in and it worked!

It took me a minute just to type the I'd definitely bring it into the Genius Bar and see what they say. Or buy yourself a cheap USB keyboard; that should solve the problem, too. I beg to differ. I think they're great keyboards. But some people can't get used to the Apple keyboards for whatever reason. And I've never had a Bluetooth issue with the latest versions. But thank God Apple changed the latest keyboard to a two battery model. The previous models used 3 batteries which drove me nuts.

You'd be shocked how often you end up with only 2 or just 1 battery in the kitchen drawer! More often than you would think believe it or not.

How to Enable Bluetooth Without a Keyboard or Mouse on Mac

I have also found Apple keyboards to be really quiet, which was great as a graduate student. The switch from three- to two-battery was a really good move on Apple's part. Choose your preferred language, then choose your keyboard input method. You will be taken to System Preferences menu for text. Brilliant solution.

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  • And a Man U fan too … awesome, thanks!!! You absolute genius!! Submit Comment. Skip to content Ardi Pradana. Search for:. The solution is a little bit strange but actually quite simple: 1. February 20, at AM Leave reply. February 20, at PM Leave reply. October 19, at AM Leave reply. November 15, at AM Leave reply.

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