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Then select Delete from the menu. Excel also benefits from the precision of a mouse on the desktop. Again, for simple spreadsheets this might be fine, but for more advanced workflows, your fingers may be woefully inaccurate. The only thing you can do with the Apple Pencil is draw freehand on top of your spreadsheets.

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  7. Maybe there are more people out there who need this more than we think, but adding a remedial drawing interface over what should be a powerful productivity tool feels like the wrong move. For many people, Excel is a place where data gets processed before being passed off to its final destination. One example would be downloading a large data set in a CSV, importing it into Excel, and running some analytics on that data. Maybe you want to make some changes and save that as a new CSV, even.

    6 Ways - How to Recover Unsaved/Deleted/Lost Excel Files on Mac

    Excel can open most of the file types you would expect, although you should know that it uses an online file conversion tool to convert things like CSVs to Excel documents. This may be fine by you, but could be an issue if it is a very large file that takes a long time to upload and then re-download from this conversion service. The killer here is the lack of CSV support. The bottom line is that you should only really expect to get.

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    You can switch to another tab or a whole other document in Excel and paste it without a problem. Pasting into Drafts and a note in OmniFocus pasted the data in tab-separated text, which is good. However, most apps accept the data as an image. Pasting into Apple Notes and other note-taking apps gives you an image of a spreadsheet. On a better note, Excel works pretty well with the Files app for iOS.

    If you have a file saved to iCloud or Dropbox, you can open it in Excel on the iPad, do whatever you want with it, and then save the changes directly to where the file came from. Excel for the iPad supports collaboration both in the form of comments and real time collaborative editing. Any document that is saved to OneDrive can be shared with someone or many people else so they can view the file. Comments show up in the document like all other versions of Excel, and the app will send you a push notification when comments come in. These comments of course sync across all devices accessing your spreadsheet.

    This is still a big difference! Power Query in Excel for Mac is still at least 3x faster than on Windows. I have no clue. Power Query can run faster without just throwing more resources at it, which translates into more consumer-grade computers being able to take full advantage of Power Query without being limited to processing power. We are far from seeing the best performance that Power Query can deliver. I need to give it a try. I highly encourage you to do this test on your own Mac computer and let me know your results in the comments section.

    You can download my workbook from the button below and all you have to do is simply click refresh. Note: This is pure speculation and me guessing what things might happen, so take things with a grain of salt.

    How to Delete Files and Folders on a Mac For Dummies

    Support for new connectors is a given. Contents, probably SharePoint and others like the From Folder connector. This has happened before in other Power Query integrations, and I doubt that this will be the exception. Apart from that, I really hope that they end up integrating the full query authoring experience with the full Power Query interface inside of Excel for Mac.

    Read more here url. When you open the workbook you might get a security warning for the query inside of it. Are you getting any errors? Did anyone had any luck with that? No clue what might be happening, but I highly recommend that you get in touch with Microsoft to report the issue.

    Then you can provide additional context. If you also provide your email as part of that feedback, it will allow us to communicate with you directly if we need additional information. I use latest version Is there a Add-In installation required?

    Part 1. How to Recover Unsaved Excel File on Mac

    That would be my best guess. If you cannot refresh the file, please send a frown report.

    What Features Are Missing from the Mac Versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote?

    That would be the best way to contact the Microsoft team about any issues regarding Power Query inside of Excel for Mac. I wonder if the memory speed vs could account for some of the huge speed difference when PC hardware and Mac hardware is compared one to one.

    Do have any idea what am I doing wrong? Thanks a lot in advance.

    Saving Excel files to desktop - Apple Community

    I am using Office for Mac. Hey Tim! Did you send a frown error message to the Excel team? Your email address will not be published.

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