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Ace Money feat Manni J. Night Sessions Explicit. Grind Mode Music Worldwide. ACE 04 Oct Polo Explicit. Candy Corn. The Comedown. AWD 23 Nov Adriel Diaz feat Mali Q. Have A Nice Day. AWD 02 Aug Speed Of Sound. AWD 05 Aug Become The Tiger. African Kings Of Hip Hop. TTR 27 Jun Floss Explicit. Leaning On Me. AWD 06 Apr Yalli Naseeni.

MM 85 09 Jul Alexander Kain feat Mason Caine. Do The Right Thing. AWD 26 Jul Allan Andrey feat Mila. Pray 4 U. Alvin Davis feat Moose.

Lyrics for album: Ronald Dregan: Dreganomics (2004)

Let It Blow. Amer Wakka feat Moudy Alarbe. Elementality Productions. SSD 01 Jul SCR 21 Apr Compilation 1. War Pa! UNC 16 Oct Apollo Brown feat Mop. Partial 6. DVSN 07 Dec Fiji Drip One Time Explicit. Marley Waters Productions. Drop Ten.

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I'm Not A Machine Music. Booty Bounce Pop. Artist Intelligence Agency. EDM 20 Oct Atwashere feat Morina Miconnet. Take A Look. Ay-Rock feat Malik Davage. Off Track Explicit. CAT 01 Feb Text Me Back. Lakeshore Studio Urban. Classic Drake. To which end, Drake drops a verse about … hooking up with women? At least Phonte talks about his vocabulary and degree. How is that not a plus for you? As far as Comeback Season goes, this is one of the highlights.

Over an eerie, shadowy Tears for Fears sample courtesy of 40, Drake drops one long, cloudy verse and a few puffs of sung rejoinder. This six-minute sparsefest is as pretty and friendly and sincere as anything else on the unprecedented near-joy of More Life. A sheepishly sung two-part attempt to persuade a faceless woman into having sex. Its saving grace is the complementary falsetto and harmonies added by The-Dream. The inclusion of Malice is what ranks this track higher than the original, because Malice actually fits over this beat.

By So Far Gone , Drake had already perfected the art of the humble-brag: part self-deprecating, part bragging introspection in which Drake raps about how fame unfortunately interferes with his personal life. Drake is in the feelings and lonely again. Early career Drake was the type of guy who earnestly felt he could take a Stevie Wonder sample and do something showstopping. Early career Drake was mistaken. Sappy slow jam Drake back with a vengeance, and unlike Die Hard with a Vengeance , this one lacks an explosive quality.

How high would he have this one ranked if he was making this list? But instead, this Boi-1da-produced slow-burner finds Drake indulging his singing style on the hook in which the end of each line falls a few notes off a monotone, rather than crooning the whole way and pushing the verse with a punch. The title track to Comeback Season is one of the most orthodox hip-hop songs on the mixtape.

The track features stellar verses from Lil Wayne and Bun B, while Drake delivers another one of his best hooks off the album. A departure from the norm can be exciting, and this is totally unusual. This is typical Drake going off on the beat. Drake, Trey, and Wayne want to be successful, whatever that means, at all costs. After some fireworks and an Alicia Keys hook, Drizzy offers a few verses about his explosion into the upper tier of the rap game.

Someone introduce him to Faith No More, stat. Drake has a long, pronounced relationship with strippers and stripper culture. Drake tips his cap to the screw culture of his second third? In lieu of basing his style around his singing ability and pop leanings, Drake, in Comeback Season , leaned heavily towards a focus on rhyme lyricism. Can you imagine getting all those messages? While the track was meant to be on Take Care , the song was taken out as that record took a left turn as he came to accept his fame and all the trials that come with it.

This song is the opposite of its title. Drake is great at making corny things sound earnest and serious, as he jokingly tells his exes to take a shot for him and the love that could have been. Well, what more could you expect if you also have The Weeknd as a cowriter?. This one starts with a sample of DMX, a pretty un-Drake rapper: manic, vicious, aggressive as hell. Drake-in-a-nutshell status reports have been closing his overlong albums for years.

Deep down, Drake is a family man.

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With his straightforward flow and off-the-cuff imagery, the song is sweet and touching, one of the best off of Take Care. Hard to say, but: yes. When Drake and Future finally announced their team-up mixtape, there was some uncertainty as to how well the two would mesh — in addition to some of the most frenzied anticipation in the scene.

So which is it Drake? Only with Future in tow could Drake use a Minecraft sample on a song and not get absolutely torched for doing so, so props to him for picking his spots well. The less effective of two Meek Mill disses is still formidable in its own right, painting Meek as a snitch and taking aim at his sales, his label situation, and his tiered relationship.

And then he does it again later, with a different hotel. Instead, it stands as a telling idea of where Drake was at just prior to his debut: ready, hungry, and willing to prove it. Ross makes use of the Just Blaze track too, dropping his Cookie Monster whomp ad-lib to great effect. Throughout Views , Drake gets on his island vibe, and the results vary. The pre-album take featured Popcaan, and the removal of the burgeoning Jamaican star on the official release mutes some of the flavor.

And he wonders why she never gave him her new number? It was merely perfect.

Retro Dance

Lil Wayne turns in a show-stealing performance. With about 64 bars between them, this one has punchlines for days. Drake opened Views loaded for bear … if his former friends and lovers were bears. This is pop now, folks. An intermission from the choking grasp of Drake on Drake on Drake? Listen to selections from this list on our Spotify playlist and Apple Music playlist. In , good feelings were rare and expensive, but it was possible to get one for free via a sparkling EDM hook. Tim Bergling, who took his own life in , at age 28, got his stage name from Avici , the hell-like realm in Buddhism where dead sinners are reborn.

Before he was a world-famous MC, Stormzy got his start uploading DIY freestyle videos in which he spit nonstop bars over hard-edged grime beats in streets and parks near his South London home. It's not explicitly about God, but the debut single from singer Daniel Daley and producer Nineteen85—better known as dvsn—is some kind of gospel, particularly if you consider falling in love to be a religious experience. Turn the bass up enough, Icona Pop suggest, and it can drown out the throbbing of your broken heart. Charli XCX]. Out of the glut of lo-fi pop-punkers who emerged at the turn of the decade, Cloud Nothings frontman Dylan Baldi was the only one who got nastier with age.

Two true things: Lil B is a beatific vessel for galaxy-brain-level peace, love, and understanding. Rowling—sound like blissed-out Zen koans. Yanya makes the best of repetition, wielding certain words and phrases like blunt instruments. But with its galloping bass and kaleidoscopic, ever-shifting textures, it seems wistfully nostalgic, if not downright celebratory. And you can hear how Parker, in the span of a decade, went from headphones auteur to Coachella headliner.

This internal debate is punctuated by his own quivering backing vocals, a Greek chorus commenting on a twisted spin through modern romance. Balvin worked with William to reinvent the source material, adding Spanish lyrics, chants, and ferocious Latin percussion. In a state of mourning, though, something that should be sweet can often turn sour.

With this song, at least, Yorke makes it sound beautiful. The piano chords are simple and translucent; the beat ambles casually. Young M. Against a loose, snare-heavy beat, she raps breezily about sex with other women—a rarity in hip-hop that she plays off nonchalantly amid lines about getting drunk and cracking jokes with friends. The coyote howl of the title is both a tease and a triumph, the sound of finally feeling at home in your own skin and inviting others to play along with you.

Listen: Young M. It begins with a clip of the crew of the Challenger realizing the malfunction on their spaceship, giving the love story that follows an undercurrent of mortality. Turns out she had a sinus infection during the recording. But carnivals themselves are a form of trickery: youthful joy on the surface, covering a shadowy underbelly. The Migos became mainstream stars. The song itself is a perfect distillation of everything that makes the Migos irresistible: a Gucci Mane-derived gift for quotables, a sizzling Metro Boomin beat, ad-libs for days, and an ear for perfectly placed guest stars—in this case, a before-he-was-huge Lil Uzi Vert, rapping about falling asleep in a jacuzzi.

Soon enough, the Migos were matching chart feats once set by the Beatles, cementing their status as generational titans. Lil Uzi Vert]. The U. Waka Flocka Flame]. Above all the roaring maximalism, Healy is tuned to the sound of his many, many desires: for attention, sex, intellectual validation, intimacy, and, quite possibly, immortality. With this, he embodies a very millennial mindset: as eager to promote himself as he is to air all of his insecurities.

A Tribe Called Quest have never been conscious or woke in the way that so many of the best-intentioned rappers are. Instead, they adopt the playful, nihilistic tone of high cultural gatekeepers, turning it back onto those same gatekeepers over kick snare and hi-hat.

We got it from Here When it came time for Sampha to write and record his debut album, the UK singer was in mourning. The instrument is likened to a childhood friend who helped him channel his despair into song. As Sampha narrates his coming of age, the hiss of room tone and the cooing of birds can be heard deep in the mix. The effect is one of intimacy, of being welcomed into a private moment of respite. Few moments in pop this decade have delivered this level of ecstatic catharsis; only big rooms and big crowds can do it justice.

But Drake steals the show, drowning in his double cup while taking shots at the throne , perfectly paired to a beat from fellow Canadians T-Minus, Nikhil S. Drake, Rick Ross, and Lil Wayne]. Doom metal trio Sleep became legends by doing a few simple things very well. They played slow. They played loud. They made smoking pot sound like an epic journey on par with Lord of the Rings. Close your eyes , they seem to say, There is a band playing in your head, and they are getting high. The lead single from the mega-selling breakup album 21 transformed her into a global star, and she has hardly made anything like it since.

Her vocal control, the way she allows melisma to curl around the edges of her voice, is like a superpower that needed this song to reveal it. The sampled guitars might be from a Modern Baseball song, or maybe another Lil Peep song entirely, and the first voices on the track are a half-buried sample of the California pop-punk band Better Luck Next Time; the echoes run together the same way that incoming headlights smear into one beam when you squint. It has the lifespan of a soap bubble, this fleeting burst of euphoria. You feel the urge to protect it.

The chorus, meanwhile, zooms out into the cosmos, as she pays homage to fallen musical heroes like David Bowie and Prince. Listen: St. Produced by L. Dissolution has never sounded so delicious.

Sensual Seduction - Wikipedia

Schoolboy Q]. Simple tools are almost always the most effective, as the Detroit DJ proves here. With its occasionally washed out vibe, it has the feel of being prewritten to play the way a great DJ would deploy it, teasing out its peaks. Every line is uttered with both mesmerizing cockiness and vulnerability. In the back half of the s, Afropop exploded in popularity, with countless artists attempting to hop on the trend. I have more than there are states in America. Popcaan and Gaza Slim].

Katy is neither a belter nor a cooing soubrette but an everygirl, imbuing her vocals with relatable frankness and yearning. She moves back and forth between cool confidence and total surrender at the speed of a strobe light flicker, taking listeners along like a hand pulling them onto the dancefloor. The point is that this is all happening, all at once. The vocal: a mangled Auto-Tune yelp about paternity paranoia, cheating, and child support that includes a comparison between serial infidelity and apartheid. The song is about as ugly a piece of music as was made this decade, and yet it was leeringly ugly, purposefully so.

The music Kanye was cooking up to feed his overheated imagination was so lurid and tactile that, for this blazing moment and others, it held everything together. She lets her imagination run wild as she outlines the course of a hypothetical relationship, jumping from the quiet intimacy of a shared toothbrush to impromptu marriage.

Featuring a jangly guitar solo and propulsive backing vocals, the song is deliriously catchy—but with repeated listens, its upbeat surface begins to crack. Is Zauner singing about a new relationship, or is she desperately trying to breathe life into one that has grown stale? Is the repeated title phrase a genuine celebration of attraction, or a mockery of romantic idolization?

More rap careers end at age 30 than begin at age In , Danny Brown was acutely aware of this fact, as he said goodbye to his 20s and made his final push towards rap stardom after spending years trapped in the industry spin cycle. What begins as absurdist punchline rap quickly devolves into a catalog of personal chaos. Even listening to the song now, in the wake of eight years of triumphs for the Detroit MC, it still devastates. August 25, During her performance at the VMAs, Miley Cyrus mimes anilingus on another woman, pleasures herself with a foam finger, and twerks all over Robin Thicke.

The song is one of their many continuing tributes to late bandmate Nathan Maddox, who was struck by lightning on a Chinatown rooftop in , and a door to the next phase of their career. First comes a slow shift from spoken-word drift to full-on groove; then, synths that rain down with a classical sense of drama. In , Nicki Minaj was at the center of a burning debate about rap, pop, and credibility. Here was Nicki flipping bars over an alien beat as thrilling as the rapper herself, filled with synths and drums that buzz and bang and bubble.

It felt quietly ironic, then, that her best song of the era would plug into an emotional well older than time: heartbreak. Long after the summer breezes by, its anthems live on. Together, the trio turned out a track as catchy as it is charming, one that should go down as a memorable addition into the backyard barbecue canon. Brent Faiyaz and Shy Glizzy]. And then people heard it, and all those factors floated away, irrelevant. If there is a sports analogy to be made, it is less Stockton and Malone , and more Stockton and Stockton : Gunna and Baby find each other in perfect position, then pass out of it, to an even more perfect position.

Their dynamic has the same feel as Watch the Throne -era Kanye and Jay, not trying to make a mark by outdoing each other, just ruminating on the ever-evolving idea of hedonism, and emerging with no answers. Lil Baby]. These lines about unbelonging also double as a metaphor for the constrictions she faces as a major-label artist who is expected to churn out chart hits but prefers to tweak and deconstruct them instead. Christine and the Queens]. Earned wisdom is a part of getting older; rarely does it sound this accomplished.

You know those old monster movies, the ones where an almighty beast lumbers through a terrified city, toppling buildings and swatting planes out of the sky as bullets bounce off his torso? At some point, Rick Ross must have leaned forward in his leather chair and thought to himself, What would it sound like if that monster were rapping right now?

For four minutes, the rapper takes the form of an all-powerful, coke-fueled leviathan laughing with maniacal disdain as he demolishes any obstacle standing between him and his bottom line. All you can do is build a statue in his honor and marvel at the merciless efficiency of his wrath.

Best Summer Songs of All Time

Styles P]. It should feel normal, but it was thrilling to witness a woman governed only by her own rules, acting like a man. And why bother? Put to music with radio heavy-hitters DJ Mustard, Frank Dukes, and Starrah, the song is sexy and savage, a way for Rihanna to flex her unique ability to inhabit the tastes and feelings of both Gen Z and Gen X. It resonated massively but quietly, becoming her longest-charting hit without ever hitting the Top 5.

Gil Scott-Heron had a love-hate relationship with the city he called home for most of his life. The music is busy yet austere, prodding and cajoling Scott-Heron with jump-rope rhythms, disruptive clatter, and a bassline that pulsates like the jarring rumble of a subway car. The past tense hurt when the song was released in , and it only stung more when he died a year later. The two baby-faced brothers had a club anthem on their hands, though many were skeptical about their ability as rappers and wrote them off.

As the Danish band kicked up a rockabilly storm, they showed that they have more to offer than clenched-fist angst. Her breakthrough single is clear in that affection; she roves over narcotic synths and trap drums with icy vocal tones, her gently libertine words delivered in an unhurried rap cadence. Sending nudes of such high quality that the recipient uses up all their data. Comparing a dick to the Statue of Liberty.

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The track also shows that she can spit better than anyone in the room, and is able to lace her verses with the wit, puns, and vivid imagery of an elite songwriter. CupcakKe delivers it all over an instrumental ready for an overstuffed, sweaty club—the perfect place to experience her brilliance.

The song flows slowly, picking up rattling hi-hats and strobing synthesizer as it oozes along the dancefloor. Each syllable is drawn out like taffy, and her voice hovers just above a whisper, as if she wants you to lean in a little closer.

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Kamasi Washington is an artist who needs room to meditate, sculpt, engineer. You know, king shit. The strategy should be nearly impossible to pull off, and yet the Atlanta star is one of the most gifted stylists in contemporary rap. But still he rises to the occasion by plumbing the depths of drug abuse. Martin Luther King, Jr. Working with his band the Violators, producer John Agnello, and an expanded cast, Vile replaced the bleary atmosphere of his earliest releases with crystalline finger-picking, and the mumbled aphorisms with odes to his loved one.

It sounds full while barely rising above a whisper. Under the anxiety and damage are the same elemental urges, where every momentary escape holds the promise of nothing, now and forever. In the video, he mugged with diamond teeth and coiled-up charisma—shirtless, venomous. At the start of the decade, pop music taught teenagers what their desires were, not the other way around.

retro dance record mac dre mp3 download Retro dance record mac dre mp3 download
retro dance record mac dre mp3 download Retro dance record mac dre mp3 download
retro dance record mac dre mp3 download Retro dance record mac dre mp3 download
retro dance record mac dre mp3 download Retro dance record mac dre mp3 download
retro dance record mac dre mp3 download Retro dance record mac dre mp3 download
retro dance record mac dre mp3 download Retro dance record mac dre mp3 download

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